Rule 1: You must be 13 Years Old or Older to Chat Here
as defined by COPPA (Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act)
( USC 15-8501-8506)

Rule 2: Please respect other chatters
Any name calling,racist remarks,Yelling,etc. will result
in you being removed from the server
You may use highlights every once in a while but not all the time

Rule 3 : NickName Registeration
Only register a NickName that is suitable for a Christian Chat.
If a NickName is deemed unsuitable the nickname will be dropped
and you will be permanently banned from the server.
Nicks with a denomational descripter Ex CatholicGuy, Mormondude or a clerical title
ex: PastorSmith, Reverend_Bob are not allowed
If you use such a nick you will be asked to change it Failure to comply
will result in you being removed from the server

Rule 4: Names of God in English or any other language are not to be
used as nicks if you do you will be removed from the server.

Rule 5: Don't use God's name in vain EX: "OMG"

Rule 6: English only in any open Rooms

Rule 7: No Adult Channels

rule 8: No Hacking, Cracking, or warez Channels or any channel
involving anything illegal

Rule 9: No trying to convert anyone to your Religion

Rule10: Friendly Bots are allowed in a channel with permission
from the channel admins. all Bots must have mode +B set
/mode botnick +B Bots must have some function
instructions on how to use the bot must be posted on room entry
if there are no commands example A Greet Bot
the Bot nick must include the word "Bot"

Rule 11: This is NOT a DATING or PICK UP site nicks containing
"chick" "babe" "baby" "sexy" "hot" "hunk" "lover" Nicks with an age/gender
description or an age/location description ex:
"TopCat24M" or Bob22TX are not allowed
if you use such a nick you will be removed from the server
Asking a person their Age Gender location is not allowed

Rule 12: No Bad Language
this includes the use of symbols such as "*" in place of letters
and abbreviations and euphemisms

Rule 13: No Advertising of other chat rooms, organizations
or other web sites
or asking for money to donate to a cause
or person. You will be banned without warning if found doing
this. No pulling users out of other rooms on this network
doing so could result in your
account removed without warning to you.

Rule 14: Posting Links in a room:
You may post Links as
as long as the page is rated "G" and
contains no bad language or nudity and
does not promote any false teaching
or anything illegal
Check the page before you post it
This may be changed by Room Owners
if changed rule must be posted on room entry

Rule 15: Discussion of Kicks/bans from any room on
this server or any other server are not allowed
if you do you will be given a warning
failure to comply will result in you being removed from the server

Rule 16: Posting of Personal Info (Street Address, Phone Number,
E-Mail Address, Etc. )
in any room is not allowed

Rule 17: False teaching is not allowed on this server
teaching of Jehovah's Witnesses,Mormons, Catholic,Islam,Buddhist,etc.
or anything not supported by the Bible is not allowed
if you do you will be given a warning. Failure to comply will
result in you being removed from the server and/or being banned

Rule 18: All Mod actions are final Please do not question and/or
complain to a mod in a room or PM on their actions
EX: "Why did you ban soandso?" doing so could result in you
being kicked and/or banned from the room and/or server.
If you do not understand why a Mod did what they did. You may ask the
Mod to PM (Private Message) with you to explain.

Rule 19: Do Not PM (private message)and/or /notice anyone without
asking them If it's ok to do so in the main room first
We prefer that males PM with males and females PM with females

Rule 20: Debates are only allowed in #Debate.
and not in any other room
You may discuss a subject but not debate.
Any discussion in which someone involved either says that
the other person is wrong or starts yelling or name calling
will be considered a debate asking the same question
over and over again will be considered debating and
you will be asked to change the topic. Failure to comply
will result in you being removedfrom the server.
the following topics are not allowed to be discussed or debated
Politics, conspiracy theories,Evolution,Homosexualy

Rule 21: Posting Random verses
you may post up to 5 random verses in a row once every 10 minutes in any room.
A random verse is any verse not posted
in response to a question or not
related to the current topic being dicussed in - the room
Please Use the Bible Bot to post verses No Copying/Pasting
Failure to do so will result in 5 minute mute being placed on you
if you want to read Bible verses Use Bible Gateway
This may be changed by Room Owners
if changed rule must be posted on room entry

Rule 22: Cloning is not Allowed
you may have only one(1) connection to the server
if you connect to the server a second time the original connection
must be dropped within five (5) minutes or both connections will
be removed from the server

Rule 23 Ignoring Mods
Do not ignore a Mod if they tell you to do something and you
fail to comply with their request you may be removed from the room
and/or banned repeat violations of this rule will result in you
being banned from the server

Rule 24: Secret and Private and Registered Users Only and SSL Only Channels
a Channel may only be set to mode +s (secret) or mode +p (private) or +R(Registered Users Only) or +z (SSL Only
with permission from the Network Owner or a Services Administrator
Any channel found to be set to +s or +p or +R or +z without permission will be
dropped and the channel owner banned from the server.

Rule 25: Counseling
a: We do not do any Counseling as we are not licensed
if you need Counseling talk to your pastor or if you
don't have a home church then talk to a pastor at a church
in your area or look up a counselor in your local phone
B: IF someone joins a channel and asks for counseling or help and you
state that you're a counselor,pastor,etc. you will be banned from the
server for ninty (90) days the first time the second time
YOu will be banned permently

Rule 26 Proxies

A use of a proxy to connect is not allowed
you will be disconnected
If there's any indication that you might be
using a proxy you will be removed from the server

Rule 27 Idleing
You may sit Idle in a room
However you must say or do something once every 24 hours
Failure to do so will result in you being removed from the room
Rule 28: Promoting Only Beliefs
Do not try and promote any only beliefs
A: King James Only That the King James Version is the only true
and correct translation of the Bible
B: New Testament Only
That Christians should only read/study the new testament
and not the old testament
C: MY Church Only
That your church is the only true church
and a person can only be saved by your church

You may be Jailed(Joined to #Jail) for violation of the rules